Our Mission

To collaborate with local artists to fund renewable energy projects and reduce carbon emissions.

About Us

Clean Collab is a fundraising nonprofit corporation created by students from Washington and Colorado who want to stand against climate change. Global temperatures are rising and humans are the main contributors. That's why we want to keep the discussion of climate change alive and inspire others to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. In order to do our part, we are donating all of our profits from apparel, art, and music sales to purchase carbon offsets. This means the students behind Clean Collab are donating their time, effort, and artistic talents to run this organization. That is how dedicated we are to this cause. All we ask is for your support. Your generous purchases and donations keep us running, advocate for climate change, and fund renewable energy and carbon dioxide reduction projects. As an added bonus, all merchandise comes with the opportunity to protect one acre of rainforest in countries around the world to help limit deforestation. For more information on turning threatened rainforests into natural reserves, visit Rainforest Trust.

What is a carbon offset?

A Carbon Offset represents the reduction of 1,000 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions for only $5.95. In order to fund projects that result in renewable energy and clean air, project builders sell carbon offsets. This means that by purchasing something from Clean Collab you are funding projects like wind power turbines, landfill gas utilization and forrest preservation. For more information on carbon offsets and current projects, visit TerraPass

We can be advanced enough to destroy the planet and dumb enough not to save it.
— Anonymous

Our goals

  • Spread awareness about climate change
  • Inspire individuals to make more eco-friendly and ethical choices
  • Raise money to support advances in environmental sustainability
  • Encourage conversations with politicians