Think Change

Make a difference by funding environmentally sustainable projects while advocating through your lifestyle. Representing the cause sends a message to everyone you encounter. If you don't like clothes or art or music (weirdo), then donate!


Become a walking billboard

Show how much you really care by spreading the word about climate change through fashionable and eye catching apparel. You donated to the cause, now it is time to share the love with those around you. 

Surround yourself WIth art

Do yourself a favor and emerge yourself into the beauty of our planet. Decorate your life with stunning paintings and prints to remind yourself why we want to keep our air clean. 

Because who doesn't love music?

Discovering new music helps grow your music library as well as support independent artists. We found musicians who care about the Earth and want to do their part in preserving it. Find an album you like and don't worry, streaming is always free!